Get Qlik Sense Object IDs quickly

July 06, 2019

If you're doing anything but vanilla Qlik Sense development, it's likely you'll need to get to the object IDs at some point. You can do this by appending /options/developer to the end of the page URL and clicking on each object in turn, or using dev tools - but that's slow.

This bookmarklet makes getting the object IDs fast in Chrome (and, begrudgingly, IE11).

Animated demo showing adding of bookmarklet to chrome and displaying of object IDs

If you're using NPrinting, creating mashups or poking around in the repository you'll need to get to Objects IDs eventually. Each object in an app has a unique ID or GUID, and if you duplicate the app they won't change (unlike the app ID).

How do you use it?

  • First click on the bookmarklet pops up the object ID for every object on the sheet
  • User can click on an object ID to copy it to the clipboard (in chrome)
  • Second click on the bookmarklet will hide the object IDs

This requires nothing installed on the server, no extensions, no mashups, just a client side bookmarket. Click here to get the bookmarket, or click here to see the qlik-sense-object-id-grabber repository and code.

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