Changes to default QRS API data connections in Qlik Sense from June 2017

November 12, 2017

Default data connections to the Qlik Repository Service API (QRS API) were added in Qlik Sense 3.0.

00 qrs

These data connections are used by the included monitoring applications (Operations and License monitors) and have been renamed and updated in Qlik Sense June 2017.

From June 2017 onwards, the connectors have been renamed to make it clear they are used for the monitoring apps:

  • monitor_apps_REST_app - endpoint qrs/app/full (app information, custom properties, tags, owners and streams)

  • monitor_apps_REST_appobject - endpoint qrs/app/object/full (app object information, tags, owners and apps)

  • monitor_apps_REST_event - endpoint qrs/event/full (task trigger events, time constraints, rules, and reload operational information)

  • monitor_apps_REST_license_access - endpoint qrs/license/accesstypeinfo (total and available tokens, user access type, login access type, analyzer access type)

  • monitor_apps_REST_license_login - endpoint qrs/license/loginaccesstype/full (login access assignments with assigned and remaining tokens)

  • monitor_apps_REST_license_user - endpoint qrs/license/useraccesstype/full (user access assignments and user information)

  • monitor_apps_REST_task - endpoint qrs/task/full (tasks, apps, streams, custom properties tags and task operational and last execution information)

  • monitor_apps_REST_user - endpoint qrs/user/full (users, custom properties, attributes, roles and tags)

Other than the data connection prefixes changing from qrs_* to monitor_apps_REST_*, the licenseSummary connection has been replaced with licence_access.

The connections from version 3.0 until the June 2017 release were:

  • qrs_app (prefix renamed only, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_appobject (prefix renamed only, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_event (prefix renamed only, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_licenseSummary (renamed to monitor_apps_REST_license_access, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_loginAccess (renamed to monitor_apps_REST_license_login, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_task (prefix renamed only, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_user (prefix renamed only, endpoint as above)

  • qrs_userAccess (renamed to monitor_apps_REST_license_user, endpoint as above)

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