A more complete list of QlikView shortcuts

May 27, 2016

QlikView has a wide range of shortcuts, some of which aren't even options in the menu, or listed in the reference manual.

The below list captures some of the most common, as well as some less common (for example, Alt+Drag, Ctr+Shift+S, etc).

CTRL+NNew fileGeneral
CTRL+OOpen fileGeneral
CTRL+SHIFT+OOpen file from serverGeneral
CTRL+SSave fileGeneral
F12Save file asGeneral
CTRL+SHIFT+PPrint as PDFGeneral
CTRL+EEdit scriptScript
CTRL+RReload scriptScript
CTRL+SHIFT+RPartial reloadScript
CTRL+TTable viewerScript
CTRL+AActivate allGeneral
SHIFT+CTRL+FAdvanced searchGeneral
CTRL+QCurrent selectionsSelections
CTRL+GToggles layout design grid on or offUI
SHIFT+LEFTARROWGo back a selectionSelections
SHIFT+RIGHTARROWGo forward a selectionSelections
CTRL+SHIFT+LLock selectionsSelections
CTRL+SHIFT+UUnlock selectionsSelections
CTRL+SHIFT+DClear all selectionsSelections
CTRL+ALT+UUser preferencesSettings
CTRL+ALT+DDocument propertiesSettings
CTRL+ALT+SSheet propertiesSettings
CTRL+ALT+VVariable overviewSettings
CTRL+ALT+EExpression overviewSettings
CTRL+BAdd bookmarkBookmarks
CTRL+SHIFT+BMore bookmarksBookmarks
CTRL+MEdit moduleScript
CTRL+LLock selections in active objectSelections
CTRL+UUnlock selections in active objectSelections
CTRL+DClear selections in active objectSelections
ALT+ENTERObject propertiesUI
CTRL+QSCShow available shortcuts when in script paneScript
CTRL+GGo to line number in the scriptScript
CTRL+K,CComment lines in scriptScript
CTRL+K,UUncomment lines in scriptScript
CTRL+Q,T,AAdd tab in scriptScript
CTRL+Q,T,PPromote active tabScript
CTRL+Q,T,DDemote active tabScript
CTRL+Q,T,NRename active tabScript
CTRL+Q,T,RRemove active tabScript
CTRL+Q,QCreates an autogenerated scriptScript
CTRL+Q,U,IOpens Unicode input utilityScript
CTRL+Q,J,P,GCreates a script for reading attributes from jpeg filesScript
CTRL+Q,M,P,3Creates a script for reading attributes from mp3 filesScript
CTRL+Q,W,M,ACreates a script for reading attributes from wma filesScript
F1Activates context sensitive helpGeneral
F3Enters search mode if a searchable object is activatedUI
F6Activates the sheet tab to the left of the currently active tabUI
F7Activates the sheet tab to the right of the currently active tabUI
CTRL+F6Activates the leftmost sheet tabUI
CTRL+F7Activates the rightmost sheet tabUI
CTRL+SHIFT+SShow all hidden objectsUI
CTRL+Q,B,N,FFrom script editor to see the backus-naur form script syntaxScript
ALT+DRAGMove locked objectUI
CTRL+TABSwitch between open QV documentsUI

(note that this post was moved from the old "dici" website and was originally posted in May 2016)

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