A more complete list of QlikView shortcuts

QlikView has a wide range of shortcuts, some of which aren’t even options in the menu, or listed in the reference manual.

The below list captures some of the most common, as well as some less common (for example, Alt+Drag, Ctr+Shift+S, etc).

Shortcut Description Type
CTRL+N New file General
CTRL+O Open file General
CTRL+SHIFT+O Open file from server General
CTRL+S Save file General
F12 Save file as General
CTRL+P Print General
CTRL+SHIFT+P Print as PDF General
CTRL+E Edit script Script
CTRL+R Reload script Script
CTRL+SHIFT+R Partial reload Script
CTRL+T Table viewer Script
CTRL+Z Undo General
CTRL+Y Redo General
CTRL+X Cut General
CTRL+C Copy General
CTRL+V Paste General
DEL Remove General
CTRL+A Activate all General
CTRL+F Search General
SHIFT+CTRL+F Advanced search General
CTRL+Q Current selections Selections
CTRL+G Toggles layout design grid on or off UI
SHIFT+LEFTARROW Go back a selection Selections
SHIFT+RIGHTARROW Go forward a selection Selections
CTRL+SHIFT+L Lock selections Selections
CTRL+SHIFT+U Unlock selections Selections
CTRL+SHIFT+D Clear all selections Selections
CTRL+ALT+U User preferences Settings
CTRL+ALT+D Document properties Settings
CTRL+ALT+S Sheet properties Settings
CTRL+ALT+V Variable overview Settings
CTRL+ALT+E Expression overview Settings
CTRL+B Add bookmark Bookmarks
CTRL+SHIFT+B More bookmarks Bookmarks
CTRL+M Edit module Script
CTRL+ALT+A Alerts Script
CTRL+L Lock selections in active object Selections
CTRL+U Unlock selections in active object Selections
CTRL+D Clear selections in active object Selections
ALT+ENTER Object properties UI
CTRL+QSC Show available shortcuts when in script pane Script
CTRL+G Go to line number in the script Script
CTRL+K,C Comment lines in script Script
CTRL+K,U Uncomment lines in script Script
CTRL+Q,T,A Add tab in script Script
CTRL+Q,T,P Promote active tab Script
CTRL+Q,T,D Demote active tab Script
CTRL+Q,T,N Rename active tab Script
CTRL+Q,T,R Remove active tab Script
CTRL+Q,Q Creates an autogenerated script Script
CTRL+Q,U,I Opens Unicode input utility Script
CTRL+Q,J,P,G Creates a script for reading attributes from jpeg files Script
CTRL+Q,M,P,3 Creates a script for reading attributes from mp3 files Script
CTRL+Q,W,M,A Creates a script for reading attributes from wma files Script
F1 Activates context sensitive help General
F3 Enters search mode if a searchable object is activated UI
F6 Activates the sheet tab to the left of the currently active tab UI
F7 Activates the sheet tab to the right of the currently active tab UI
CTRL+F6 Activates the leftmost sheet tab UI
CTRL+F7 Activates the rightmost sheet tab UI
CTRL+SHIFT+S Show all hidden objects UI
CTRL+Q,B,N,F From script editor to see the backus-naur form script syntax Script
ALT+DRAG Move locked object UI
CTRL+TAB Switch between open QV documents UI

(note that this post was moved from the old “dici” website and was originally posted in May 2016)