Linux Permissions with chmod on files and directories

Linux file permissions can be applied to files and directories, and using ls -l we can quickly get an overview of file properties.

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   236 Aug  1  2017 install.log

The example shows (from left to right):
1) - Whether the file is a file or directory (- for file, l for link or d for directory, in this case it is a file therefore -)
2) rw-r--r-- Permissions (represented here as a set of three triplets, see below)
3) 1 Number of links or directories inside this directory (1 if a file)
4) root root Owners (user = root, group = root)
5) 236 File size
6) Aug 1 2017 Last modified date
7) install.log File name

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