Export and download themes and extensions from Qlik Cloud

January 28, 2024

Third-party themes and extensions cannot be exported via the user interfaces in Qlik Cloud.

They can, however, be downloaded via public APIs, in the following ways:

  • Using Qlik Application Automation - use the extension blocks from the Qlik Platform Operations connector
    • For general information on how to use this connector, refer to the getting started guide.
    • Add a List Extensions block.
    • Filter the block output to match the name of your extension.
    • Add a Get Extension Archive block to retrieve the base64 encoded archive containing the archive.
    • Use a file storage connector to store the archive to your service of choice, move it to another tenant, version control it, or base64 decode it to convert it back to an archive (online services are available).
  • Using the APIs in an active browser session
  • Using qlik-cli - there is no native command for extension management, however you can use the raw commands on the APIs listed above to connect and manage extensions.

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