Qlik Sense Object Type Mapping

September 01, 2020

When you're troubleshooting or diving into logs, it's useful to have a mapping of object types. The name of an object is defined by the developer of that object, so there tends to be little convention - other some basic syntax rules and that Qlik Sense only allows one instance of the name per site.

Qlik Sense Developer Menu Object

Each object definition references the object type (qType)

Knowing what each type means is useful when inventorying a site for upgrade or migration.

Here's a list put together at the time of writing. The latest version of the list is available on GitHub, and includes descriptions for each object.

Object TypeObject Name (UI)Object Origin
qlik-date-pickerDate pickerQlik Dashboard Bundle
qlik-share-buttonShare buttonQlik Dashboard Bundle
qlik-variable-inputVariable inputQlik Dashboard Bundle
idevioanimatorGeoAnalytics AnimatorQlik GeoAnalytics
idevioarealayerGeoAnalytics Area LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
ideviobubblelayerGeoAnalytics Bubble LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
ideviochartlayerGeoAnalytics Chart LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
ideviogeodatalayerGeoAnalytics Geodata LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
idevioheatmaplayerGeoAnalytics Heatmap LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
ideviolinelayerGeoAnalytics Line LayerQlik GeoAnalytics
ideviomapGeoAnalytics MapQlik GeoAnalytics
auto-chartAuto ChartQlik Native
barchartBar chartQlik Native
boxplotBox PlotQlik Native
bulletchartBullet chartQlik Native
action-buttonButtonQlik Native
combochartCombo chartQlik Native
containerContainerQlik Native
distributionplotDistribution plotQlik Native
filterpaneFilter paneQlik Native
gaugeGaugeQlik Native
histogramHistogramQlik Native
kpiKPIQlik Native
linechartLine chartQlik Native
mapMapQlik Native
mekkochartMekko chartQlik Native
piechartPie chartQlik Native
pivot-tablePivot tableQlik Native
scatterplotScatter plotQlik Native
tableTableQlik Native
text-imageText & ImageQlik Native
treemapTreemapQlik Native
waterfallchartWaterfall chartQlik Native
qlik-barplus-chartBar & area chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-bullet-chartBullet chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-funnel-chart-extFunnel chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-heatmap-chartHeatmap chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-multi-kpiMulti KPIQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-network-chartNetwork chartQlik Visualization Bundle
sn-org-chartOrg chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-smart-pivotP&L pivotQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-radar-chartRadar chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-sankey-chart-extSankey chartQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-trellis-containerTrellis containerQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-variance-waterfallVariance WaterfallQlik Visualization Bundle
qlik-word-cloudWord cloud chartQlik Visualization Bundle
backgroundimgBackground ImageUnknown
qsSimpleKPISimple KPIUnknown
cl-finance-reportVizlib Finance ReportVizlib
VizlibActivityGaugeVizlib Activity GaugeVizlib
VizlibAdvancedTextObjectVizlib Advanced Text ObjectVizlib
VizlibBarChartVizlib Bar ChartVizlib
VizlibCalendarVizlib CalendarVizlib
cl-kpiVizlib Simple KPIVizlib
cl-horizontalselectionbarVizlib Selection BarVizlib
cl-cardsVizlib CardsVizlib
VizlibContainerVizlib ContainerVizlib
VizlibFilterVizlib FilterVizlib
VizlibHeatmapVizlib HeatmapVizlib
VizlibKPIVizlib KPI DesignerVizlib
VizlibLineChartVizlib Line ChartVizlib
VizlibPieChartVizlib Pie ChartVizlib
VizlibPivotTableVizlib Pivot TableVizlib
VizlibSankeyChartVizlib Sankey ChartVizlib
vizlibstorytimelineVizlib Story TimelineVizlib
VizlibTableVizlib TableVizlib
VizlibVennDiagramVizlib Venn DiagramVizlib
VizlibGanttVizlib GanttVizlib

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