Remove (destroy) all variables in a Qlik Sense application

November 06, 2019

In QlikView, you had the ability to select multiple variables and delete them en-mass. In Qlik Sense, the UI permits you to undertake this activity one-by-one, and each takes two or three clicks.

This bookmarklet (Chrome only this time, not tried elsewhere) removes ALL variables from a Qlik Sense application by cheating the APIs used by the Qlik Sense client.

Demo showing addition of bookmark and destruction of variables in a Qlik Sense app

The best principle to follow when building apps is to ensure that all variables are recoverable - this means that the definition is set during the reload process in the load script.

How do you use it?

  1. Navigate to a Qlik Sense sheet and enter edit mode
  2. Click on the variables menu to bring up the list of user-facing variables
  3. Click the bookmarklet in your browser, and confirm you wish to proceed
  4. qsvd will destroy your variables, and print them out to the console just in case you made a mistake

Click here to get the bookmarklet, or go to the qlik-sense-variable-destroy repository for the code.

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