Version sheets and tabs in the load script for Qlik Sense and QlikView

February 15, 2018

In the absence of a source control system like SVN or GIT, a quick and easy way of capturing changes in a app is to update a version control tab before passing the app back to other developers, or onto testers.

This is a very low-tech solution, but the format below works well in shared environments. The first two tabs of your application should be:
- Version (explain the app and list changes you've made)
- Config (set the configuration values like paths, dates, etc used in your application's data load and UI)

Version and Config sheets will become a familiar sight

Version and Config sheets should become a familiar sight

The version section script that I use typically looks like this (version on GitHub):


*************************** INTRODUCTION ****************************

CREATED BY:     withdave

CREATED DATE:   22/03/2018

PURPOSE:        Extraction of raw data from all SQL server data sources and store to QVD

**************************** CHANGE LOG ****************************

Date        Version     Editor          Notes
2018/03/22  0.1         withdave        Initial development
2018/03/24  0.2         withdave        Replaced all ODBC connectors with new OLEDB connectors

**************************** GUIDELINES ****************************

// All script should be commented

// All changes should be commented and versioned


This gives us an easy view of who changed what, when.

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