SEATT Feature Request - May 2017 Update

May 28, 2017

Since I've updated SEATT there's been a number of requests for additional functionality. The ones I've captured are below:

  1. Repeatable/recurring events - Some sort of functionality to allow repeatable events - whether this be decoupling of event details from dates, or some other mechanism.

  2. Event calendar shortcode and layout - Allow you to group events into categories and display all relevant events in a list view on a post. Listing ability added in 1.5.0, categories to be added later

  3. Custom page layout to help display events for #2. Added in 1.5.0

  4. Allow admin to use tinymce content editor. Completed in 1.4.0

  5. Register for events without requiring an account - I'm currently planning to do this via email confirmation and with a captcha, but need to test it.

  6. Email notification - More broad email notification, both upon registration (to user and admin), and also allowing admin to email users.

  7. Custom list pages and fields - Allow admins to change what information the plugin lists, and where it draws usernames and names from.

  8. Allow other users to see comments on short-code form. Added to shortcode in 1.5.0

  9. Additional columns in database to capture event details.

  10. Internationalisation, and custom locale options - This includes the option to allow the user to call an "Event" a "Ride" or similar.

  11. Custom redirect to put user back at entry page after login.

  12. Capturing of timestamp when user registers for event (logging).

  13. Update list page to give the flexibility to add category filters.

Thanks again to all of you for getting in touch, and to those of you who have provided snippets based on your modifications to the plugin. I'm hoping to get through at least a couple of these in the coming months.

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